Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Despite historically loathing and delineating itself from ‘mainstream’ society, goth culture and identity often finds itself interpolating broader systemic values. On todays episode we will explore those behaviors and ideologies that seep in from the systemic framework of patriarchy and white supremacy. We’ll also examine the subtle yet pernicious impact capitalism has on our relationships and hierarchies within goth.

Our guests this month are Aimee (Mixcloud, IG, FB) Ellen (Etsy, Modeling, YouTube) and Sienna (IG)!

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Goth Praxis 8:03

Systemic Racism and Goth 24:49

Skin Bleaching and Goth’s Association with Whiteness 38:19

Hierarchy and the Meritocracy of Goth Ephemera 1:00:03

Gatekeeping 1:07:03

Performative Allies, White Guilt, Tokenism 1:23:28

Separating Art from Artist 1:34:38

Spilling the Tea 1:46:03

Next Steps 1:55:33

Is Goth Neoliberal or Marxist 2:02:03

Sinister Suggestions 2:10:23

-Bloodstream Covers Sonsombre
-Son’s of the Confederacy
-Cloak and Dagger
-Joy Division’s Nazi EP Cover
-Skin Bleaching
-IBF and Goth’s Whiteness
-Goth Makeup for Darker Skin
-Commitment Against Racism
-Black Activists to Follow
-Indigenous Activists to Follow
-Latinx Activists to Follow
-Asian Activists to Follow
-Black Skin vs. Pale Aesthetic
-I’m so Goth I Was Born Black
-San La Muerte Fest
-Goth So White
-Nazi Goths Fuck Off
-What Ends When Symbols Shatter
-Black History and America’s Gothic Soul
-Racial Doll Test
-Obscura Undead: Goth is Political
-Consumer Identity
-Neo-liberal Wokeism
-Colorism in Goth
-Extreme Politics in Underground Music
-Recognizing Race Reductionism

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