Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Prepare your batholes, the Gothquisition has returned to judge the internet for its sins! YouTubers named and shamed, Rebels Market put on blast and all your favorite icons cut down to size. The Inquisitors also compete to decide who knows the most about true cvlt goth music! Goth Points are earned and lost, pastel goths are tarred and feathered, and gatekeepers are put back on the pedestal. Grab your parasols; the shit is about to hit ye olde fan!

Our Gothquisitioners are as follows: (in order of photo)
Zakkarrii, Master Seamstress
Andi, Royal Scribe
Count, Grand Inquisitioner
Dani, Royal Minstrel
Jez, Supreme Persecutor of Heretics
Michelle, Queen
Joe, Court Jester and Bridge Troll


Roast of Avelina de Moray

Being Goth is More than a Teenage Phase 10:04

Song Break: 28:35
NU:N - It's a Goth Revolution (Sacrosanct Mix)

Roast of Voltaire

5 Things Wrong with Goth Culture Right Now 40:00

Song Break: 1:04:20
You’ve Been Goth BLOCKED

Roast of Jake Munro

Goth Quiz 1:11:42

Song Break: 1:38:00
You’ll End Up Looking Like Scary Bitches

RIP VampireFreaks

-Hand in you Goth Card, you are Banished!
-Scarfing Scarves
-Goth Death Culture will Destroy your Teen


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