Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Deathrock, goth’s weird cousin? Subgenre? Child of punk? On this episode we’ll be discussing the history, substance and international appeal of patch pant wearing, aquanet smelling weirdos with the help of members from Tears for the Dying and Altar De Fey.

Our guests this month are Adrya of Tears for the Dying and Kent of Altar de Fey!

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The History of Deathrock (intro)

80’s Deathrock 8:30

Shock 16:45

DIY 25:30

2000’s 33:45

Modern Deathrock 44:45

Politics 59:00

Album Review 1:15:00
Forbundet - Garmarn

Sinister Suggestions 1:35:30

-A Brief History of Deathrock
-Catholicism and Deathrock

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This month we are talking all things German! Of course WGT gets some air time, but we’ll also be discussing the globalization of the goth community via twitch, the intricacies of the various subcultures like steampunk, EBM, Romantigoths and deathrockers in the big cities we all know, club culture, German goth bands, childhood stories and more. Zum Wohl!

Our guest this month is DJ Cyberpagan who you can catch on twitch and around the internet.


Defining Goth through German Fashion 9:30

Clubbing 13:25

Goths on Twitch 30:51

The music of Germany 53:13

Moral Panics and German Culture 1:06:21

German Politics and Goth Ideology 1:10:00

Upcoming Content 1:40:00


-East German Goth and the Specters of Marx
-B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West Berlin
-The German Gothic Subculture
-Searching for the True Meaning of goth in 2018

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This month we invite DJs and musicians from different parts of Latin America on to talk about what it’s like to be part of the local and global community.

Our guests are Alexandra, Christian, Dani, Marima, and Tirza!



What is goth 26:25

Is goth too European? 45:48

How are you treated where you live? 1:03:00

Goth families 1:19:00

What are the themes of Latinx music? 1:28:40

Do goths outside Latin America recognize that scene? 1:42:00

Latin American band Master List
Tales of love, madness and death
Mexico Underground
Dona Pacha
El gotico en la novela historica mexicana del siglo
Ukraine Goth
History of Mexican Goth
South American Goth - Obscura Undead

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Remember when goth gatherings existed? Wax nostalgic no more! You are cordially invited to join us at my estate in the woods. Dress yourself in your most comfortable finery, pour your favorite beverage and watch out for the candelabras. As we sit around our ornately carved table dripping in crushed velvet as we discuss Marilyn Manson, Big Dick Goth Boyfriends, and whether or not the ocean is soup.

Our guests this episode are Michelle and Carol!

Big Dick Goth Boyfriend
Zakkarii’s Response
Who Killed Mister Moonlight

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This month we take a look at the rarely discussed but ever present subsection of goths who have been in the military. We’ll explore individualism, violence, and yes, politics. Our guests for this episode are Esmeralda and Dusty of the band Vision Video.


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