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Welcome to episode 42 of Cemetery Confessions! This month we are going to be chatting about whether or not the so called “subcategories” of goth are valid or useful, we are also talking about the future of horror as part of our crossover with the horroraddicts.net podcast, and finally we will be discussing the future of goth and what xenogoth has to offer.

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This month's guest is Sir William Welles of New Goth City, and now xenogoth!



New Goth City 2:00
We learn a bit about our guest, and his project New Goth City which aims to be a travel guide for goths in or coming to the US.

News: 12:50
Where do we draw the line when trying to label, taxonimize, and identify parts of the culture? Are trad goth or romantigoth simply a fashion choice, or could there be enough substance for those labels to warrant full blown subculture/identity status? How far is too far?
Subcategories of goth: Are They Useful?

Due to time restrictions our discussion focused on the first half of the article, to hear our thoughts on the remaining portion of article, sign up at our patreon page!

Horror Addicts Crossover: 1:11:15
We read and discuss an article about VR, in conjunction with the Next Great Horror Writer Contest over at HorrorAddicts.net

The Future of Goth: 1:31:27
This month it's all about Goth: The Final Frontier. Where have we been and where are we going? We're going to evaluate the dialectical relationship goth has with history, the state of the scene and barriers to entry, generational divides, stagnation, and most saliently, XENOGOTH and what the hell that even is.

Sinister Suggestion: 2:16:35
Gothic: Dark Galmour

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