Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

You're lying if you think goths don't love drama, and as everyone has been preoccupied with staying alive this year, there certainly has there been a lack of drama. So what does the goth cabal do when the scene gets a bit dull? We make the drama! Prepare your bathole The Gothquisition is back to rip the poseurs again!

Our Gothquisitioners are as follows: (in order of photo)
Zakkarrii, (too goth for the gothquisition)
Andi, Royal Scribe
Count, Grand Inquisitioner
Dani, Royal Minstrel
Jez, Supreme Persecutor of Heretics
Michelle, Queen
Joe, Court Jester and Bridge Troll

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Roast of It’s Black Friday

How to pull off a Goth Look

Song Break: I’m More Goth Than You - Johnnie Ha Ha

Roast of Chadwick

We Respond to YouTube Comments

Song Break: Release the Bats - The Birthday Party

Roast of Adora Batbrat

This Year’s Prize: Gothest

Song Break: Gothic Party Time - Action Pact

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