Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

This month we are going to be taking a look at those liminal and elusive cultural groupings that have become tangential to goth such as witch house, synthwave, nu goth and so on. I want to look at what the cultural legacy and impact these groupings have had on the scene are and whether or not they have lost their subversive novelty or are going to make a comeback. We’ve also got an album review from Crystal Cage, sinister suggestions, and more!

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Our guest this month is Jean-Luc, aka DJ Alpha Omega! Find him on Twitch, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

uest Introduction 5:00

The Story of Medusa’s, Neo, and Chicago’s Club Scene 7:15

A DJ’s View of the Goth Club scene 19:20

News: 40:00
The Impact of Witch House 10 years later

Album Review: 1:16:25
Crystal Cage - Crystal Cage


Sinister Suggestions: 1:26:45
Unsolved Mysteries on Buzzfeed
Blackcraft Wrestling

A Retraction 1:35:00

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