Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Goths have a long standing tradition for being catty, gate keeping, drama queens, too pretentious for their own good. This month we embody that stereotype by competing for goth points, bitching about the internet, and even spend some time in the confessional box. Prepare for The Gothquisition!

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Our Inquisitors:

Andi Harriman, Zakkarii, Michelle, Aytakk, Mark and The Count

The Surprise: Trap-Goth 9:38

Go Goth! 15:57

Goth Quiz 41:57

50 Shades of Tropigoth 1:01:00

Cemetery Confessions 1:18:37

Black on Black: The Contemporary Goth Fashion Scene 1:51:38

Listener Call in 2:22:32


References: (in order of mention)

Merlyn Munstun - The Beautiful Pizza
Paper Mag and the Goth Witch of Lies
Andi's Defense for Goth as a Music Culture
Aytakk on Goth Online Bullying
Neo-Tribes and the Death of Subculture
Mark and The Count as Mall Goths
DIY Deathrock Jacket
Lord Damien Stark's Make-up Tips for the Bleak

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