Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Welcome to the Gothquisition! I’ve assembled the goth cabal, a conclave of arrogant, elitist, gatekeeping, goth purists, prepared to bitch slap the internet and read you to filth. These are the kind of goths who read Baudelaire, drink absinthe, and spin Naked and the Dead on original vinyl, and that’s just for breakfast! Together they are a wealth of knowledge and glares that can reduce babybats to ash, and they’re here to set the internet straight.

Special thanks to Real American Gamer for voicing the intro for this episode.

Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Gothquisition:
The Count

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Trap Goth 2.0 7:51

The Year in Review 13:20

40 Years of Goth? 22:02
As we wait for the male version to be released, we are putting the much maligned 40 years of goth on the chopping block.  We are going to dissect and judge the validity and accuracy of this self proclaimed timeline taxonomy of goth fashion.

Music Break: 1:13:46
Gothic People - Libitina

Our inquisitors have prepared arguments for who they think should be considered the most seminal or important musician for goth. Spoiler alert, it gets ugly real fast.

Gothic Charm School: 2:04:00
It's finally time to take on The Lady of the Manners and her assessment of the necessity of goth music as a requisite for goth cultural membership.

Music Break: 2:28:20
If I Only Were a Goth - ThouShaltNot

Goth Points the Game! 2:30:15
Our Inquisitors will compete to collect goth points, in pursuit of the title of Goth Queen/King.

Playlist of Active Goth Bands
Steampunk Interview
Andi's Glorious 80's Music Video


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