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This month we are talking about the book ‘Italian Goth Subculture: Kindred Creatures and other Dark Enactments’. We’ll be exploring the ways Italian Darks brought forth their subculture in the 80’s through activism, social interaction, consumption practices (literature, art, and music) and the negotiation of subcultural canon. We’ll also be discussing the similarities and differences of these enactments to today’s goth subculture and examining the academic frameworks used to understand the stories shared by 24 Italian darks.

You can purchase the book for yourself here! We highly recommend it.

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Introduction to the Episode

Brief Background on Subcultural Theory 9:30

Socio-Political environment in 1980’s Milan 21:45

Activist Enactment 26:12

Club Enactment 47:12

Loner Enactment 1:05:00

Social Practice Theory and Authenticity 1:26:34

Dark Cannon 1:46:36

Profilicity 2:18:53

Conclusion 2:34:31

Sinister Suggestions 2:43:06


Band List:
Obscurity age
Weimar gesang
Faded image
The voices
Flux of fluster
Casino royale
Underground life
Officine schwartz
La maison
Other side
State of art 
Jeunesse d’ivoire

-Лето Или Смерть
-Creature Simili Review
-Dark Milan in the 80’s
-The Spaces of Practices and Large Social Phenomena
-Multigenerational Goth
-Performing Punk
-Teleoeffective Formations
-The Political Commodification of Yourself
-Modern Music is Awful Response
-Embodied Cognition
-Authenticity Hoax

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