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This month we are revisiting the topic of sexism within industrial music and culture. While Cemetery Confessions itself is specifically about goth, there’s no denying that there’s a historical propinquity of industrial and goth musically and culturally, and as such goths and industrialists often share experiences and spaces. We discuss misogyny historically, debate whether or not anything has changed, relate personal run ins with this behavior and a lot more. 

In a world where donald trump is president and subcultural music is ever more often taking a stand on ethics, political ideologies, and social justice issues a discussion examining the norms of our culture and the ontologies that come along with them is more relevant than ever.

Our panel this month is Andi HarrimanAlex ReedSharon Kyronfive, and Alison Fraiser! 

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Antigen and Adversary at Kinetik
Andi's Tweet

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Strap in for a wild ride, this month we are chatting about death, our greatest fears, cemeteries, goth's relationship with mainstream media and more!

Our guest this month is Skullgirdle from YouTube!

News: 11:43
Goth Didn't Die, It's always Been Dead

Album Review: 1:11:52
Lost on Me - Decade

Sinister Suggestions: 1:22:53
Penny Dreadful Season 2

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