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Welcome to episode 36 of Cemetery Confessions! This month we are discussing yet again if mainstream culture is destroying goth, we have an ostentatiously catty fight between Peter Murphy and Wayne Hussey, we are reviewing the new album from Pride and Fall and we are sitting down with several DJs to discuss the goth club experience and everything that goes along with it.

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Our guests this month are DJ Depraved and DJ Dante's Prayer. Check out their horror podcast, "Horrors of the Universe" and see them DJ at Tanz der Nacht.

-The True Godfather of Goth 11:18
-Justin Beiber ruined subculture 20:56

Album Review: 55:25

Red for the Dead, Black for the Mourning

Philosophy Corner: 1:14:42

Goth and industrial clubs, arguably the most important aspect of the respective cultures. We explore the drama, music, hierarchies, and behind the scenes work that goes into keeping these communities alive.

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Sinister Suggestions: 2:32:13
-Layers of Fear
-Nadi Como - Crowned

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