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Welcome to episode 27 of Cemetery Confessions! On this month’s episode we explore why teenagers don’t feel the need to rebel, and how that plays into subculture movements, we hear an argument against goths appreciating Halloween, and we take a look at goth taught us about feminism. We have a review of the new album from Zotz, and for the philosophy corner, we are taking a look at vampires and their influence on and reflection of society and culture.

Natalie Rose is our guest this month!

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-Teenagers No Longer Rebel 12:40
      (Reference: Neo-Tribes)
-Give me Back my Halloween! 49:12
-What Goth Taught us About Feminism 1:17:40
      (Reference: Sexism in Folk Metal)

Quick News:

-So Much Death 1:45:57
-GothCast 1:52:00
-Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 1:52:33
      (Reference: Documentary)

Album Review:

Zotz - Amagura 1:54:23


Philosophy Corner: 2:14:37

Natalie walks us through the history of the vampire, the depth and breadth of the character, and the process with which to write your own vampire mythology.

Here is a list of some of our references, for the rest you'll have to use google. :)

-More about GothCast 3:33:56

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