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This month we are talking about two instances of cultural commodification, a goth hate crime , scene drama, and we are reviewing the new album from winter severity index. Finally for the philosophy corner we are starting a short series on goth around the world by interviewing goths from Lituania and Puerto Rico, about their experience with the goth culture.

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Our Top 3 Bands 1:30


The Story of the Racist Hoodie 14:22

Kim K and her Punk Jacket 41:32

New Goth Hate Crime 52:04

Goth Prom? 1:02:10

Album Review: 1:21:10

Winter Severity Index - Human Taxonomy



Nino, AKA DJ Vampire Kiss is a DJ and promoter from Georgia Tbilisi, half Gregorian half Lithuanian. She has already made her debut in Lithuania, Italy, and Belorusia. Apart from her magic practices in the music industry, VK is a locally well-known model.


DJ VK's playlist of local musicians.


Naelle Devannah is from Puerto Rico. She is an incredible artist and prolific YouTuber, makeup artist and photographer. Her work has been featured in Darkfaery Subculture Magazine, Gothic Noir Magazine, Revista Cruce, Exprésate (Featured in TV show as a painter in 2006) as well as many other paper magazines and webzines. I’ve also participated in several gallery exhibitions including Políticas del Cuerpo en el Siglo XX, 1er Certamen de Arte Contemporáneo, Medio de Visión.


Here is her list of bands from Puerto Rico.

Sinister Suggestions: 2:39:55

-Spectral Realms

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