Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Deathrock, goth’s weird cousin? Subgenre? Child of punk? On this episode we’ll be discussing the history, substance and international appeal of patch pant wearing, aquanet smelling weirdos with the help of members from Tears for the Dying and Altar De Fey.

Our guests this month are Adrya of Tears for the Dying and Kent of Altar de Fey!

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The History of Deathrock (intro)

80’s Deathrock 8:30

Shock 16:45

DIY 25:30

2000’s 33:45

Modern Deathrock 44:45

Politics 59:00

Album Review 1:15:00
Forbundet - Garmarn

Sinister Suggestions 1:35:30

-A Brief History of Deathrock
-Catholicism and Deathrock

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