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Welcome to episode 43 of Cemetery Confessions! This month we are talking about subverting gender norms and the role performative aesthetic plays in goth identity, we are reviewing the new album from Selofan, and we are talking about the trans experience within the context of goth culture.

Our guests this month are patreon member Abigail and Aurora, who is an author and musician.

News: 16:24

Flamboyant Darkness: Female Fronted Goth Bands Subvert Gender Norms

Album Review: 1:13:18

Selofan - Cine Romance

Philosophy Corner: 1:34:14

While the existence of trans people has only recently come into mainstream consciousness in the form of a fight for equal rights, biologists have known for a long time that gender, sexuality, anatomy, and identity are a spectrum both in nature and in homosapiens. Goths too, have a history of subverting heteronormative patriarchal gender norms and expectations, and providing a safe space for those who don’t conform to an essentialist dichotomy. However the debate about whether or not goth culture is, in its current state, truly accepting and progressive, cis-centric and discriminatory,  or whether it even has any power at all to reshape culture into an egalitarian community apart from mainstream patriarchy, still rages today.

Sinister Suggestions: 2:34:05

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