Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Welcome to episode 40 of Cemetery Confessions! This month we are chatting about the philosophy of goth, reviewing an album from Sixth June, and sitting down for a discussion about the state of the goth scene with William Faith and Scary Lady Sarah.

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This month's guest is Dani of the band Chasing Alice!

Goth Word of the Month 6:17

News: 8:15
-Emerald City Gothic Weekend
-Soviet Soviet Deported
-Goths are Drug Addicts

Album Review: 56:43
Virgo Rising - Sixth June

Philosophy Corner: 1:16:53

This month we have a chat with William Faith and Scary Lady Sarah. We talk about their experiences in the 80's, the divide into the 90's, whether the deathrock revival was helpful or harmful, their views on activism and a lot more.

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