Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

On this bonus episode, we talk about how to be an individual within a larger group, and we review the new album form Qntal.

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On this month's show we talk about violence towards goths, we look at the early post punk era, we talk about cemetery desecration, happy goths, and play a game of Poe or goth lyric, and finally we talk about what we truly value as a subculture.

Our guest this month is Samantha from YouTube!

What are you drinking: -Black Butte 26

-Gothropology Commentary-

-Goth hate crimes
-Poe or goth lyric
-25 things left behind from your mall goth phase
-Old goth dies hard?

Quick News:
-Crow remake is cast
-Scary stories documentary
-Let the Right One in TV series

Philosophy Corner:

We are going to take a hard critical look at behavioural norms and ideals within the goth scene, and look at if hypocrisy exists under the surface. We are going to examine some subcultural ideals and how they affect our behavior. While i have venerated the goth subculture and find it a wonderful beautiful group, I am going to try to take a hard critical look at some aspects of goth this time around for the sake of helping to build a better culture.

Excerpt from the book Goth by Paul Hodgkinson
page 73 - 83

Sinister Suggestions: -Constantine

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