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This month we are focusing very specifically on the internet and its relation to goth. We are discussing what tumblr has to say about the death of subculture, we are reviewing the new album from the band Bitumen, and for we are going to breakdown goth’s storied history with the internet and explore what effect it may have had on cultural participation, and individual identity construction.

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Our guests this month are Barnaby (Mister Owl) and Trae.

Our Top 3 Websites 2:40

News: 21:18
-Young Goths are Destroying the Culture

Album Review: 1:05:55
Bitumen - S/T

Philosophy Corner: 1:32:03

Traditionally speaking, before the internet became ubiquitous, sociologists considered diffusion vital to the survival of subculture. For goth in the 80’s there was a heavy reliance on zine’s and newsletters for the transfer of information and facilitation of discourse. Ironically, now that we have an efficient medium for such diffusion, many claim that medium is ushering in the death of subculture.

Despite the general angst or love surrounding the internet, surprisingly little qualitative or statistically significant data on the effect of the internet on goth or subcultures in general is available. This month we add to that discussion, as we explore the nature of the internet, the facilitation of identity construction, the debate between structured culture and post-subcultural groupings, cultural capitol, and more.

-Is the Internet a Public Place?
-Is the Internet a Public Place Part 2
-Subcultures as Virtual Communities
-Net.Goth: Internet Communication and (Sub)Cultural Boundaries
-Finding the meaning of emo in youths' online social networking: A qualitative study of contemporary Italian emo
-Youth Cultures and the Rest of Life: Subcultures, Post-Subcultures and Beyond
-Goth appropriation and the demise of subcultures
-MyTribe: Post subcultural manifestations of belonging On social network sites
-Bedrooms and beyond: Youth, identity and privacy on social network sites
-Dances with Spectres: Theorising the Cybergothic
-Dark Webs: Goth Subcultures in Cyberspace
-Youth Culture and the Internet: A Subcultural or Post-Subcultural Phenomena?
-dark webs: goth subculture in cyberspace

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