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Yes, that Liisa, the favorite Liisa here on Cemetery Confessions. We got a chance to sit down and hash out our differences over her 40 years of goth video series as well as talk about aging in goth culture, mainstream fashion appropriation, and whether or not emo or nu goth are actually part of the culture. 

You can find everything Liisa is up to on her website, follow her on facebook, or YouTube. 

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Welcome back to Cemetery Confessions! This month we will be talking about the state of the scene and whether or not it’s declined over the last 10 years, we’ll be chatting about modern goth  music, reviewing the new album from Cruz De Navajas, responding to some listener feedback, sinister suggestions and more!

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Our guest this month is Dez, who runs the incredible DIY record label Occult Whispers, which you can find on Big CartelBandcamp, and Facebook

The State of the Music Business 9:45

The Death of Goth:
Are Goths Being Alienated from their Own Events? 21:36

Goths in the 90's vs. Now 1:03:47
(Reference: Goth's Loss of MysteryJuvenoia)

Album Review: 1:50:15
Cruz de Navajas - Dominacion

Sinister Suggestions: 2:03:56
The Noise Beneath the Snow

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