Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Goths have a long standing tradition for being catty, gate keeping, drama queens, too pretentious for their own good. This month we embody that stereotype by competing for goth points, bitching about the internet, and even spend some time in the confessional box. Prepare for The Gothquisition!

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Our Inquisitors:

Andi Harriman, Zakkarii, Michelle, Aytakk, Mark and The Count

The Surprise: Trap-Goth 9:38

Go Goth! 15:57

Goth Quiz 41:57

50 Shades of Tropigoth 1:01:00

Cemetery Confessions 1:18:37

Black on Black: The Contemporary Goth Fashion Scene 1:51:38

Listener Call in 2:22:32


References: (in order of mention)

Merlyn Munstun - The Beautiful Pizza
Paper Mag and the Goth Witch of Lies
Andi's Defense for Goth as a Music Culture
Aytakk on Goth Online Bullying
Neo-Tribes and the Death of Subculture
Mark and The Count as Mall Goths
DIY Deathrock Jacket
Lord Damien Stark's Make-up Tips for the Bleak

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Welcome to episode 24 of Cemetery Confessions! On this month’s episode we are talking about goths who sleep in coffins, new TV shows and movies, we are reviewing the newest album from IAMX, and we are taking a look at sex and sexuality in the goth scene.

Our guests this month are Brit-El of Gothropology and Golde of Crystal Web Clothing.

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Quick News: 6:48

-Coffin Sleeper
-Bathory TV Show

Album Review: 12:42

Metanoia - IAMX

Philosophy Corner: 29:32

This month we are covering the topic of sex as it relates to goth culture, scene and club culture, and its link to sexual expectations of the greater mainstream culture. Issues such as goth club environments, bisexuality, polyamory, and romance will be explored in the context of personal meaning, socialization, and the sociological perspective. My hope is that we can come away with a better understanding of ourselves as sexual creatures, the goth subcultures approach to the issue of sex and sexuality, and understand how outside influences can exert unforeseen influence on our sexual identities.

Wannabes, Goths, and Christians: The Boundaries of Sex, Style, and Status
Masculinity Dilemmas: Sexuality and Intimacy talk among Goths and Christians
"So Full of Myself as a Chick" Goth Women, Sexual Independence, and Gender Egalitarianism


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For this special episode we have a chat with Jillian Venters, aka The Lady of the Manners. Jillian is the author of the book, Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them, as well as the webmistress for the advice blog of the same name. On this episode we speak with her about some criticisms of her book, discuss the validity of neo-tribes such as health goth, and chat about various goth topics and general nerdery.

Kickstarter: Fantasy Coloring Books
Gothic Charm School
Get the Book

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Welcome to episode 23 of Cemetery Confessions! On this months episode we are talking about what is and isn’t respectful to do in a cemetery, and why young people don’t want to be part of subcultures. We are reviewing an album from Lycia, and for the philosophy corner we are talking about industrial music, misogyny, and where they intersect.

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For more information about the study proposing goths are more likely to be depressed or self harm, follow this link.

News: 7:45

-Graveyard Workouts
-Why Young People Don't Want to be Part of a Tribe 22:05
              -Subculture or Neo-Tribe?

Album Review: 55:45

-Lycia - A Line That Connects

Philosophy Corner: 1:22:30

This month we are talking about misogyny/sexism as portrayed or perpetrated in industrial music, as well as gender roles, and the treatment of women within the music industry. We’ll talk about social and cultural effects, look at some specific examples of sexism, and discuss what responsibility adherents to the scene have.

Goth Culture: Gender, Sexuality, and Style
On Misogyny in Industrial
Misogyny in Industrial Music
Music, Gender, and Sexuality

Sinister Suggestions: 3:06:11

-We Have a Technical Podcast
-Scream Queens (TV show)

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For this special episode of Cemetery Confessions, we are speaking with Fred Berger of the creator of Propaganda magazine, "probably the only subculture publication known to just about every goth on the planet". We discuss the inception of the magazine, Fred's beautiful photography, what it means to be a provocateur, and more.

To purchase back issues and other Propaganda paraphernalia, visit the Facebook Page.

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On this month's episode we are talking with guest podcaster Helmut about the Austrian goth scene and what the cultural similarities and differences are, we review the new album from Ashbury Heights, we discuss the mystery of goth and whether or not it's disappearing, and we close the show with sinister suggestions and audience e-mails.

For Full Show Notes Go Here:


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For this special episode of Cemetery Confessions, we are interviewing Andi Harriman, the author of Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace, and giving you a review of the book afterwards. We speak with Andi about the death of goth, modern day deathrock, punk, and more.

Buy the Book Here
More About Andi

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On this month’s episode we are talking about mainstream perceptions of goth, movie news, and a review of the new album from High-Functioning Flesh. For the philosophy corner we have guest Dr. Marjorie Yambor to talk about the importance of, and goths relationship with, the media. We also have listener feedback, sinister suggestions and more.


For full show notes go here:


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On this month’s episode we have guest Daniel Berkove-Hopkins of the industrial band The Lazarus Gene, we are talking about how goth is related to feminism, and cultural appropriation. We are reviewing the new album from She Past Away, and for the philosophy corner we are talking about religion with Daniel who has a degree in comparative religion.


Full Show Notes and Time Stamps Can Be Found Here: http:thebelfry.rip/blog/2015/6/28/cemetery-confessions-20-religion

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Welcome to episode 19 of Cemetery Confessions, on this episode we discuss how the age of social media has affected the subculture, the post punk era, happy goths, and punk rock. We are reviewing the new album from :Wumpscut:, and for the philosophy corner we are taking a look how to deal with, identify, and live with mental illness.

You can view the full show notes here: http://www.thebelfry.rip/blog/2015/5/31/mental-illness-cemetery-confessions-019

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On this month's episode we talk about public discrimination, if music has any meaning to the goth subculture, and why Peter Murphy is so arrogant. We are reviewing the new album from The Rezillos, and finally we talk about leaving the goth scene, and what it's like to be goth without social participation.

Our guest this month is Moose, aka DJDirtyMessiah

Thanks for supporting us on Patreon! 15:50

Big Announcment: The Belfry Network is not live on iTunes and the new website. 17:00

What Are you Drinking: 23:00
Westvleteren 12


-Cybergoth kicked out of pub 26:00
-Music subcultures losing their definition 35:30
-The Goth Phase: An exploration in persona 1:10:42
-Peter Hook on Bauhaus 1:39:15

Quick News:

-Twin Peaks reboot 1:54:35
-Pope concerend about sexy vampires 1:57:25
-Goth habitats quickly disappearing 1:59:00

Album Review:

The Rezillos return with their first album since 1978. 2:00:35

Philosophy Corner: 2:15:30

It's been said, the core of goth culture revolves around the club. That is where we meet, mingle, create friendships, express ourselves, and explore the culture. However what happens for those who don't have a goth club, or those who are disabled, or have multiple children, or a 60 hour a week job etc. What happens when we get fed up withthe local scene due to infighting or politics? How do you carry on in your daily life, still knowing who you are in your "gothdom" without needing that coveted approval.

Listener Response 1
Listener Response 2

-Listener Feedback and E-mails- 3:21:00




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On this bonus episode, we talk about how to be an individual within a larger group, and we review the new album form Qntal.

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On this month's show we talk about violence towards goths, we look at the early post punk era, we talk about cemetery desecration, happy goths, and play a game of Poe or goth lyric, and finally we talk about what we truly value as a subculture.

Our guest this month is Samantha from YouTube!

What are you drinking: -Black Butte 26

-Gothropology Commentary-

-Goth hate crimes
-Poe or goth lyric
-25 things left behind from your mall goth phase
-Old goth dies hard?

Quick News:
-Crow remake is cast
-Scary stories documentary
-Let the Right One in TV series

Philosophy Corner:

We are going to take a hard critical look at behavioural norms and ideals within the goth scene, and look at if hypocrisy exists under the surface. We are going to examine some subcultural ideals and how they affect our behavior. While i have venerated the goth subculture and find it a wonderful beautiful group, I am going to try to take a hard critical look at some aspects of goth this time around for the sake of helping to build a better culture.

Excerpt from the book Goth by Paul Hodgkinson
page 73 - 83

Sinister Suggestions: -Constantine

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This month we talk about becoming a goth at a late age, being goth in the 80’s, what to do if your parents reject you, and we have some movie and TV news. We review the new Blutengel album and for the philosophy corner we are talking about racism in and out of the goth scene.

Email us: CemeteryConfessions@gmail.com

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Our Guest:
Our guest this month is Quincy aka DJ Venux

We redefine goth. 20:00


Becoming Goth After 30 31:00

11 Things You'll Understand as a Goth in the 80's 43:00

How to Deal with Rejection by your Parents 53:40

Quick News:
New Dark Victorian Fantasy TV Show 1:10:00
Poe Must Die
Goth Killers
We say Goodbye to Don Hill and Steve Strange

Album Review: 1:22:00

Blutengel - Omen

Philosophy Corner: 1:55:30

We talk about racism within and out of the goth culutre, we talk about white privilege, we look at the term afro goth, and we talk about ways to be conscientious of other races.
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4

Sinister Suggestion: 3:06:30

Goth: Identity, Style, and Subculture

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We are back from our hiatus with our 1 year anniversary show! For news we discuss individuality and the hipster effect, we look at the history of goth, and talk about the evolution of the word goth and gothic. We review the newest album by L'ame Immortelle, and we explore the world of the paranormal with guest Sarah Darleen!

Please visit our Patreon page and consider signing up for some awesome rewards! 

The Hipster Effect
The Evolution of Goth

Quick News:
Crow Remake
Sandman Updates
Beetlejuice 2 is Happening
The Gathering
We say Goodbye to Chris Sheehan

Album Review:
L'ame Immortelle - DRAHTSEILAKT

Philosophy Corner:

We talk with Sarah Darleen about her experience with paranormal investigations and wax poetic about the afterlife.

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