Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

On this episode we are answering the most interesting questions posed to r/goth.

Our guest this episode is Lady India! You can find her on IG, Facebook, and her burlesque/variety show Phantasmagoria.

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Stop Calling me an E-Boy 10:00

Am I Still Goth if I don’t Like Goth Music 23:12

Stereotypes 40:10

Craziest Thing You’ve DIY’d 43:23

How Much Must and Artist Goth to be Goth 50:10

How to Wear Makeup when Mixed Race 1:09:40

How to Deal with Angry Elitists 1:21:32

Album Review: 1:41:56
Vandal Moon - Black Kiss


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This episode we are exploring the twisted world of Gothic Literature to understand why it’s so culturally relevant to goths and non-goths alike.

Our guests for this episode are Adrienne who’s YouTube which covers Gothic topics you can find here, and our resident Queen of Goth Michelle.

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What Makes Gothic Literature Gothic

Why do we Love Gothic Literature 16:40

How has The Gothic Changed Goth 36:15
-An examination of Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble

Gothic vs. Goth 1:06:00

Goth’s Fashion Debt to Gothic Literature 1:14:27

The Gothic’s impact on Broader Culture 1:25:45

Gothic Literature as Problematic Text 1:40:30

-Contemporary Gothic
-Romancing the Gothics: 90s Music video Gothic

-Fashioning Gothic Bodies
-The Music of The Goth Subculture: Postmodernism and Aesthetics

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