Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

This month we sit down with DJ Mistress McCutchan and DJ Batty von Bats of the Cat vs Bat podcast! In true goth style, we kick back with a few drinks and air our opinions about all aspects of the scene. Scene drama, DJ ethics, identity in the “real world”, philosophy, politics and more. So grab your favorite libation, have a seat with us and enjoy!

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Our guest this month is fashion artist, DJ/promoter for Torture Garden, Slimlight, and Monster Queen and curator Parma Ham.


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Fluidity of Culture 5:45

Gender in Goth 14:15

Fashion in Extremity 40:15

Goth and the Internet 49:00

Album Review: 1:02:45
Second Still

Sinister Suggestions: 1:15:00
-Delusions of Gender
-The Left Hand of Darkness
-ContraPoints: What is Gender
-ContraPoints: Pronouns
-Judith Butler
-Special Interest

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