Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

This month we invite DJs and musicians from different parts of Latin America on to talk about what it’s like to be part of the local and global community.

Our guests are Alexandra, Christian, Dani, Marima, and Tirza!



What is goth 26:25

Is goth too European? 45:48

How are you treated where you live? 1:03:00

Goth families 1:19:00

What are the themes of Latinx music? 1:28:40

Do goths outside Latin America recognize that scene? 1:42:00

Latin American band Master List
Tales of love, madness and death
Mexico Underground
Dona Pacha
El gotico en la novela historica mexicana del siglo
Ukraine Goth
History of Mexican Goth
South American Goth - Obscura Undead

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