Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

This month we are looking at the ever shifting spaces goths inhabit, reifying their ritualistic, embodied bringing forth of identity into the world around us. The future of these spaces is now forever changed as the current pandemic robs us of our sacred curated temples to goth. We also review the new album from The Funeral Medieval, share our Sinister Suggestions and more!

Our guests this month are Sean Detra and Mary Millions of Sisters of Mondays!

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Moving to Twitch
When Should we Return to Clubbing
The Evolving Dynamics of Twitch DJing
Will Music Venues Exist in the Future
The Future of Goth Music
The Future of Goth Culture

Album Review:
The Funeral Medieval - Dreper Meg

Sinister Suggestions:
-Angels Arcana
-Slow Dance with the Dead
-Delphine Coma
-Black Angel
-Exit Dust
-Carnival Row
-Halt and Catch Fire
- Clipping


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