Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

This month we sit down with academic and musician Jose aka Hollow Kid, to talk through the history of post punk and goth rock in Mexico. From rock and roll being banned by the government all the way through to the modern day post punk revival. This episode is packed with information about Mexican goth music, identity, art and culture. We also review the new album from Cabaret Grey, talk about death, listen to new releases from this month and more!

You can find Hueco on Bandcamp, Facebook and IG!

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DIY before Punk

Class 20:40

The Media 25:25

Identity Formation 32:25

Mainstream 47:10

Genre Fluid 59:00

Mexican Darkness 1:11:00

Activism 1:17:40

Gothic 1:33:20

Modern Post Punk Revival 1:40:30

Goth Today 2:11:00

Bands from Mexico:
-El Clan
-Silueta Palida
-Las Ánimas del Cuarto Obscuro
-Decada 2
-Casino Shanghai
-Santa Sabina
-La Concepción de la Luna
-Funeral Medieval
-Vacios Cuerpos
-Cruz de Navajas
-La Bande-son Imaginaire
-Espejo Convexo
-Skeletal Bats
-La Voz de tus Ausentes
-Los Zombies de Chernobyl

-Master list of goth bands from Latin America

Album Review: 2:16:00
Cabaret Grey - Cold Calculations

Sinister Suggestions: 2:44:00
-O Quam Tristis - The Complete Works
-Iamtheshadow - Remind Me
-The Picture Tour - Before the Light, Before the Sound
-Anum Preto - Anum Preto
-Daddy’s Boy - Great News!
-Fearing - Desolate
-Caligo Mater - Gorgyra
-Gothzilla - Gothzilla
-Her Absence Fill the World - Neon Arabesque
-The Waning Moon - The Waning Moon
-The Present Moment - Enough to Drive you Mad
-Urban Heat - Have you Ever
-SRSQ - Ever Crashing

-Latine Goth
-What is Mexican Darkness
-Latinx History has always Been Linked to Spooky Culture
-Latin American Goth

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This month we chat with Chris of Procession Magazine about the history and relevance of subcultural micro-media, the importance of music to goth, swap stories about how label compilations have impacted our lives and more! We’ll be reviewing the new album from Har Belex, sharing a smattering of new music releases from April and presenting a goth magazine audio drama!

Check out Procession Magazine on their website!


History of Procession 8:00

Importance of Print Magazines Today 19:15

Cleopatra Records 38:10

Goth vs. Not Goth 49:00

Building a Magazine 59:00

Procession in the 80’s? 1:02:55

What would you change about goth? What excites you about goth? 1:15:30

Album Review 1:19:00
Camo de Urnas - Har Belex

Sinister Suggestions: 1:42:00
-Pan’s Not Dead - The Flower of Love
-DOMIN8 - Male Tears
-Nothing Left (Homeless Demo) - Cemetery Siren
-Sympathy Garden - Forever Grey
-Costo Humana - Puerta Negra Musica
-Bloody Ghost - Cliff and Ivy
-Escarta Descarto - DGA 95
-Ashtray Ballet - Astari Nite
-Rough Dimension - VR Sex
-Freddo Razionale - SPZkr
-Sedate Seduce - Nino Sable
-Barricades - Principe Valiente

Gotham with Ryan of Witchhands 1:58:41

The Tao of Goth 2:11:30

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-Our Interview with Fred Berger

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This month we talk about how to travel around the world as a goth, Satanism in Japan, the satanic panic and more with La Carmina! We also review the new album from Deathhawk.

You can pre-order La Carmina’s new book here, or read her travel blog and find her social media and more at lacarmina.com

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Japanese goth 7:20

Gothic Lolita 14:06

Style Subcultures 18:18

Travel Guide 22:40

History of Satanism 47:20

Satanism Around the World 49:30

Satanic Panic 52:35

More on Satanism 1:04:45

What Concerns and Excites you About Goth this Year 1:14:15

Album Review 1:20:00
-Deathhawk - Обострение

Sinister Suggestions 1:35:00
-Coins Paralleles - Demo
-Angel’s Arcana - Bollingen - Boleskine - Belturbet
-Har Belex - The End of Summer
-Harsh Symmetry - Mirror Twin
-13th Moon - Blood or Love
-Winter Severity Index - Disgelo
-French Police - Haunted Castles
-Sacred Skin - Earthbound
-Collide - Notes from the Universe
-The Werewolf Macabre - Werewolf Vampire
-Molly Nilsson - Extreme

-Satanism Unmasked Part 1, Part 2
-Is Satanic Panic Seeing a Comeback
-Michelle Remembers

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On this episode we sit down with the frontman of Second Salem to chat about what it takes to be a goth, the state of the music we love, the occult, being a geek and more!

Find Second Salem on IG and Facebook

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Album Review:
The Palace of Tears - Of Ruination

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This month we are reflecting on 2021 to look forward to 2022, discussing reducing animal products in our diets and reviewing the new album from The Blue Hour!

Our guest is Nnaus A. O. Feratu of Goth in the Raw

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Goth in 2022

Goth Origin Story 25:35

Getting Into Veganism 33:35

Goth in the Raw 43:35

Discussing Veganism with Others 1:03:45

Nutrition 1:33:35

Cultural Tradition 1:43:00

Album Review:
Lore - The Blue Hour

Sinister Suggestions:
-Rozz Williams in his own Words
-Only Theatre of Pain
-Jah Division
-The Expanse


-From Myspace to the Streets of Lagos
-What Would Happen if Everyone Went Vegan
-Land Use Diets
-Is a Vegan Diet Healthy
-Livestock Key Facts
-Reducing Food’s Environmental Impact
-Fake Meat

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Herein lies an interview with Dani Ashes by Obscura Undead. We explore the science and philosophy of gender and listen to goth tracks that relate to a meaningful moment in our lives.  Be sure to check out their blog, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Twitter.


-Stop Using Phony Science to justify Transphobia
-Being Seen, a video about being trans & non-binary
-Judith Butler
-More Judith Butler
-Gender Trouble
-Caitlyn Jenner and our Cognitive Dissonance

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