Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Prepare your batholes, the Gothquisition has returned to judge the internet for its sins! YouTubers named and shamed, Rebels Market put on blast and all your favorite icons cut down to size. The Inquisitors also compete to decide who knows the most about true cvlt goth music! Goth Points are earned and lost, pastel goths are tarred and feathered, and gatekeepers are put back on the pedestal. Grab your parasols; the shit is about to hit ye olde fan!

Our Gothquisitioners are as follows: (in order of photo)
Zakkarrii, Master Seamstress
Andi, Royal Scribe
Count, Grand Inquisitioner
Dani, Royal Minstrel
Jez, Supreme Persecutor of Heretics
Michelle, Queen
Joe, Court Jester and Bridge Troll


Roast of Avelina de Moray

Being Goth is More than a Teenage Phase 10:04

Song Break: 28:35
NU:N - It's a Goth Revolution (Sacrosanct Mix)

Roast of Voltaire

5 Things Wrong with Goth Culture Right Now 40:00

Song Break: 1:04:20
You’ve Been Goth BLOCKED

Roast of Jake Munro

Goth Quiz 1:11:42

Song Break: 1:38:00
You’ll End Up Looking Like Scary Bitches

RIP VampireFreaks

-Hand in you Goth Card, you are Banished!
-Scarfing Scarves
-Goth Death Culture will Destroy your Teen


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This episode we are reviewing the claims in Karl Spracklen’s new book: The Evolution of Goth Culture: The Origins and Deeds of the New Goths.

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Inside Subculture: The Postmodern Meaning of Style
Nightclubbing: Planet X and Liverpool’s Post-Punk Era
Our Interview with William Faith and Scary Lady Sara
4EA Paradigm
Making Sense of Autopoietic Enactive Embodiment
Pragmatism and Embodied Cognitive Science
Symmetric Anthropology


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On this episode we are exploring the music, fashion, and drama of modern goth. We’ll be delving into anxieties around babybats, the newly popular synth/wave goth music, the divergence of fashion from the music, the relevance of transgression and a lot more about the lived experiences of the modern goth.

Our guest this month is Bianca Xunise! You can read about her journey as a black goth, read her interview with Bauhaus, and her comic about why music should be political!

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What’s Old is New Again: The Hipster Goth Revival:
-Hipster Goth 10:30
-Genre Classification and the 80’s 12:45
-Is Goth Music Still Diverse? 25:20
-Elitism vs Poseurs 31:00
-More on Music Variety 40:00
-Babybats and the Internet 48:30
-The Dichotomy of Music and Aesthetic 58:25
-80’s Goth Wasn’t Just About Music
-Music and Fashion EP 67
-Is Goth a Counter-Culture 1:05:20

Album Review: 1:21:55
The Coventry - Deep Detachment

Sinister Suggestions: 1:32:00
-Debby Friday
-Tanya Tagaq
-Is This How you See Me?
-My Pretty Vampire

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Our guest this month is Daphne Coriz! We chat about her personal development within the goth scene and how her heritage, tribe and living on the rez has impacted that identity. We also respond to a video by Social Repose claiming that non-natives have a right to wear war bonnets as costume.

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How did you become goth? 1:22

What interests you about modeling? 11:50

Activism and what the goth scene can do 19:20

Social Repose and cultural appropriation 30:45

Further Reading:

An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States Education for Extinction: American Indians and the Boarding School Experience



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Esotericism and mysticism have always been high on the list, right next to atheism, when it comes to the religious views of goths. On this episode we take a look at the long maligned and oft pejoratively goth associated, Satanism. We’ll be speaking with members of the Satanic coven Satanhaus about their link to goth, their beliefs, their practices and their philosophy.

Our guests this episode are Evyn and Thom of Satanhaus!

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Recommendations from Lucifer:
-Satanic Feminism
-Children of Lucifer
-The Last Testament of Anton LaVey *Boyd Rice is an Asshole
-The Satanic Bible 50th Edition

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This month we are talking about death with our guest Bess Lovejoy, author of the book Rest in Pieces: The Curious Fates of Famous Corpses

As the season changes, we turn our thoughts to death and decay. Where does mortality fit into our modern lives, what can we learn from the ways we’ve treated the dead in the past, and how can we prepare ourselves for our own demise. All this and more with author Bess Lovejoy.


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Are goths just normal people in spooky clothing? Do we care too much about old music? Has deathrock become too much of a stereotype to have anything to say? We are exploring these questions and having a good old fashioned goth chat. We’ll also review the new album from Dune Messiah, share our Sinister Suggestions and more!

Our guests this month are Andi and Michelle!

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Do we care too much about old music? 2:50

Are we just normal people in spooky clothing? 27:20

Is deathrock too stereotypical? 1:08:00

The Goth Utopia 1:11:45

Album Review: 1:37:40
Dune Messiah - Moments of Bliss

Sinister Suggestions: 1:51:20
-Larkin Poe
-Thorns Clothing
-Kristen Sollee
-Goth Symposium

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Living with a disability or chronic illness may seem foreign to the able bodied, yet there are many goths within our community who exist with these conditions every day, and that can drastically change the way they interact with the scene. On this episode we’ll explore the process of coming to terms with a disability and how that impacts the ability to be part of goth culture.

Our guests are Michelle, Tanya, Helen, Amy, and Carolin!

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When did you become goth? 2:07

What was the process of diagnosis? 15:40

How does this impact your involvement within goth 51:08


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For those of a certain vintage, we remember when discussions about corp goth exploded into the scene, the questions about how one maintains an air of youthful rebellion without selling out to a puritanical business culture, and how one might retain their identity in a culture that extrapolates morality and work ethic from appearance. A fashion and ideology was developed and debated among goths pursuing long term careers that didn’t involve making music or ghost hunting. Today though the corp goth style and the discussion that came along with it seem to have all but vanished, we’re going to be talking about why that might be, recount our own experiences in the corporate world and share advice for those getting into or already employed at large companies. 

Our guests this week are Cadaver Kelly and Jonathan!

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Entering the Work Force 7:42

Job Interviews 22:45

Retaining Identity and Fighting for Inclusivity 36:08

The Rise and Fall of Corp Goth 1:09:57

Album Review: 1:31:55
Hapax - Monde

Sinister Suggestions: 1:45:30
-This Cold Night
-Play Alone Records
-Girls Who Code
-Lingua Ignota

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This week we feature an important piece of 90's goth culture, Carpe Noctem Magazine. We sit down with Thom, co-founder of Carpe Noctem, to talk about his experience with Zine publication, horror culture, and forging a way forward in today's crowded media field. 

You can find all of Thom's work on his website. 

You can get the Carpe Noctem Interviews here:
Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3

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This week we are taking a look at runway fashion and commodification. We are going to discuss how goth aesthetics have been used on the runway and in high fashion and whether or not a postmodernist view of style and culture is the reason for this. We are also reviewing the new album from Sólveig Matthildur and more!

Our guest this month is CC!

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News: 4:00
-Why Goth Fashion is Condemned to be a Fashion Inspiration

Album Review: 1:24:00
-Constantly in Love - Sólveig Matthildur

Sinister Suggestions: 1:36:15
-Goth Soaps and more at Seifenhexe
-Art, Sex, Music
-PENSEES NOCTURNES - Grand Guignol Orchestra

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This month we sit down with DJ Mistress McCutchan and DJ Batty von Bats of the Cat vs Bat podcast! In true goth style, we kick back with a few drinks and air our opinions about all aspects of the scene. Scene drama, DJ ethics, identity in the “real world”, philosophy, politics and more. So grab your favorite libation, have a seat with us and enjoy!

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Our guest this month is fashion artist, DJ/promoter for Torture Garden, Slimlight, and Monster Queen and curator Parma Ham.


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Fluidity of Culture 5:45

Gender in Goth 14:15

Fashion in Extremity 40:15

Goth and the Internet 49:00

Album Review: 1:02:45
Second Still

Sinister Suggestions: 1:15:00
-Delusions of Gender
-The Left Hand of Darkness
-ContraPoints: What is Gender
-ContraPoints: Pronouns
-Judith Butler
-Special Interest

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This month we are continuing our special series of expert panels as we take deep dives into latent issues and hot topics within the community, We previously discussed whether or not goth was political and explored the deeply ingrained misogyny of industrial, and this week we are exploring the intersectionality and experiences of people of color.

Whether goth or not, in America we live in a culture built on colonization, white washing and imperialism. The stories around which our culture connects are white, our histories are littered with appropriation of indigenous practices and our present is full of tacit ignorance about the ways this continues to reinforce the pain and inequality for people of color in our communities. Oppressed groups like black women have a barrier to self actualization that privileged groups who benefit from a history of imperial patriarchy do not.

For as much lip service we give to goths being othered, discriminated against and bullied out of society, the face of our scene is still very often white.  The diversity of gender, sexual expression and transgression of power structures was implicit to the music scene in the 80’s however today, the ways in which people of color are represented and welcomed in our scene gets little of the attention among the discourse of cultural issues like commodification, defining boundaries, and music recommendations. Being as we live in a time when the stories we build our identities around in America are in flux and being discussed and debated, this seems like a gross oversight within our communities.

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Our guests this episode are Mike K Johnson, Leila Taylor, DJ Maus, and Zakkarrii. Special thanks to Kyle of The Breathing Light who had last minute technical difficulties.

Resources and Further Reading/Viewing:
Commitment Against Racism
When They Invent a Darker Colour
So Goth I was Born Black
Goth So White?
Nazi Goths Fuck Off
What Ends When the Symbols Shatter
Who Will Us Be?
Diversity Conversations
When they Call you a Terrorist
Peace and Justice Summit

Scary Black
Gothic Lamb
M Lamar
Shadow Age
The Ire

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This week we chat with Gopal Metro, co founder of Bella Morte, Gild the Mourn, Brighter Fires, and his current project Metro Pirate Radio. We spend some time discussing his history as a musician and goth with elitism and gatekeeping and debate whether or not it has a place in the scene. We also tell some personal stories of struggling with depression and suicidal ideation, and how that relates to goth culture. You can get music from Gopal and support his projects by visiting his patreon page.

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Introduction to Gopal 2:40

Elitism 15:40

Depression 49:50

Album Review: 1:21:25

Ausencia - Lust Era

Sinister Suggestions: 1:31:40
-Evi Vine
-The Ire
-Love / Death / Robots
-Beat Saber
-Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
-Nytt Land

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This month we are talking about dance! Why does it matter, how does it look for goths vs everyone else, where does it fit within the identity of goth culture, and does it empower bodily agency or do we still have issues within the community. We are also reviewing the new album from Tomb of Love, sinister suggestions and more!

Our guest this month is Hayley who’s music project Vellocinate you can find here!

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Introduction and Local Scene Chat

Creating Goth Worlds Through Dance: 12:43
The Importance of Dance to Goth Expression
-Bodily Autonomy
CoalCandy’s video

Album Review: 1:35:00
Tomb of Love - A Permanent Reminder of Our Failure

Sinister Suggestions: 1:51:00
It’s For Us
Neon Tzigane
Black Dresses
Amon Düül

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Cover photo by Laura Whittaker

Our guest this month is Jenevive, a model and philosophy student, who discusses the work she’s done looking at Japanese culture, history and philosophy as exemplified by the Geisha and Painful Art, along with their relation to modern day goth and Gothic Literature. We talk pop culture, post-punk, Japanese history and philosophy, the relationship of America to Japanese art and a lot more!

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This week we will be discussing class boundaries in their relationship to scene participation, whether or not you need to spend money to be goth, what internal and external values reinforce class distinctions, how we gain respect in the subculture, fashion, subversion and more! We’ll also be hearing about the scene in Tampa, reviewing the new album from Kaelan Mikla and a lot more.

Our guests this month are DJ Maus who you can find at Obscura Undead on Facebook and Instagram and DJ Azy also from Obscura Undead

If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon!

Tampa Goths and the Rebirth of a Scene 10:00
-Fight at the Bauhaus show

Goth Class 28:08
-Sweeny Deville’s Video
-The Problem with Goth Fast Fashion
-Goth is not Killstar
-David Muggleton’s Inside Subculture

Album Review 1:54:00
Kaelan Mikla - Nótt eftir nótt

Sinister Suggestions 2:14:35
-The Ire


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This week we chat with Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Projekt Records about his perspective on the scene during the 90’s, the state of the music industry, his philosophy on the meaning of life and a lot more! Check out his Patreon page here!

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For today’s episode, we are going to give our post-mortem on the goth scene in 2018. We’ll also be discussing where we stand on the proposition of defining goth including the major contentions and schools of thought around that issue. We’ll review the new album from Ghostland  offer our sinister suggestions and more!

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Our 2018 in Goth Wrap-up

News: 16:56
The Neverending Goth Debate

Can you be goth without music? 22:01

Explaining the Definition of goth: 38:09
1. An appreciation of goth music
2. Aesthetic deviance that aligns with the sartorial idioms of goth.
3. Embracing darkness (manifest as an appreciation of the macabre, Gothic literature, finding beauty in the uncanny and abnormal, etc)
4. An active pursuit of incorporating these ideologies, material objects, and rituals into substantive, communal interaction. (lifestyle curation)

Is goth singular or multi-factoral? 52:47

How does The Gothic fit in? 57:50

Elitism in the Eternal Debate 1:11:22

My Video Series on Defining Subculture and Goth

Album Review: 1:15:03
Ghostland - Dances on Walls

Sinister Suggestions: 1:30:19
-Man in the High Castle
-The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
-The Witchwave Podcast
-Them Are Us Too
-The Silent Companions

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We are back with a surprise episode during our hiatus, made possible by everyone over on our Patreon! Thank you for going on a journey with me this year, I look forward to more shows and more great conversations in 2019!

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