Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

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Our guest this month is Jenevive, a model and philosophy student, who discusses the work she’s done looking at Japanese culture, history and philosophy as exemplified by the Geisha and Painful Art, along with their relation to modern day goth and Gothic Literature. We talk pop culture, post-punk, Japanese history and philosophy, the relationship of America to Japanese art and a lot more!

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This week we will be discussing class boundaries in their relationship to scene participation, whether or not you need to spend money to be goth, what internal and external values reinforce class distinctions, how we gain respect in the subculture, fashion, subversion and more! We’ll also be hearing about the scene in Tampa, reviewing the new album from Kaelan Mikla and a lot more.

Our guests this month are DJ Maus who you can find at Obscura Undead on Facebook and Instagram and DJ Azy also from Obscura Undead

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Tampa Goths and the Rebirth of a Scene 10:00
-Fight at the Bauhaus show

Goth Class 28:08
-Sweeny Deville’s Video
-The Problem with Goth Fast Fashion
-Goth is not Killstar
-David Muggleton’s Inside Subculture

Album Review 1:54:00
Kaelan Mikla - Nótt eftir nótt

Sinister Suggestions 2:14:35
-The Ire


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