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On this month’s episode we have guest Daniel Berkove-Hopkins of the industrial band The Lazarus Gene, we are talking about how goth is related to feminism, and cultural appropriation. We are reviewing the new album from She Past Away, and for the philosophy corner we are talking about religion with Daniel who has a degree in comparative religion.


Full Show Notes and Time Stamps Can Be Found Here: http:thebelfry.rip/blog/2015/6/28/cemetery-confessions-20-religion

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Welcome to episode 19 of Cemetery Confessions, on this episode we discuss how the age of social media has affected the subculture, the post punk era, happy goths, and punk rock. We are reviewing the new album from :Wumpscut:, and for the philosophy corner we are taking a look how to deal with, identify, and live with mental illness.

You can view the full show notes here: http://www.thebelfry.rip/blog/2015/5/31/mental-illness-cemetery-confessions-019

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On this month's episode we talk about public discrimination, if music has any meaning to the goth subculture, and why Peter Murphy is so arrogant. We are reviewing the new album from The Rezillos, and finally we talk about leaving the goth scene, and what it's like to be goth without social participation.

Our guest this month is Moose, aka DJDirtyMessiah

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Big Announcment: The Belfry Network is not live on iTunes and the new website. 17:00

What Are you Drinking: 23:00
Westvleteren 12


-Cybergoth kicked out of pub 26:00
-Music subcultures losing their definition 35:30
-The Goth Phase: An exploration in persona 1:10:42
-Peter Hook on Bauhaus 1:39:15

Quick News:

-Twin Peaks reboot 1:54:35
-Pope concerend about sexy vampires 1:57:25
-Goth habitats quickly disappearing 1:59:00

Album Review:

The Rezillos return with their first album since 1978. 2:00:35

Philosophy Corner: 2:15:30

It's been said, the core of goth culture revolves around the club. That is where we meet, mingle, create friendships, express ourselves, and explore the culture. However what happens for those who don't have a goth club, or those who are disabled, or have multiple children, or a 60 hour a week job etc. What happens when we get fed up withthe local scene due to infighting or politics? How do you carry on in your daily life, still knowing who you are in your "gothdom" without needing that coveted approval.

Listener Response 1
Listener Response 2

-Listener Feedback and E-mails- 3:21:00




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On this bonus episode, we talk about how to be an individual within a larger group, and we review the new album form Qntal.

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On this month's show we talk about violence towards goths, we look at the early post punk era, we talk about cemetery desecration, happy goths, and play a game of Poe or goth lyric, and finally we talk about what we truly value as a subculture.

Our guest this month is Samantha from YouTube!

What are you drinking: -Black Butte 26

-Gothropology Commentary-

-Goth hate crimes
-Poe or goth lyric
-25 things left behind from your mall goth phase
-Old goth dies hard?

Quick News:
-Crow remake is cast
-Scary stories documentary
-Let the Right One in TV series

Philosophy Corner:

We are going to take a hard critical look at behavioural norms and ideals within the goth scene, and look at if hypocrisy exists under the surface. We are going to examine some subcultural ideals and how they affect our behavior. While i have venerated the goth subculture and find it a wonderful beautiful group, I am going to try to take a hard critical look at some aspects of goth this time around for the sake of helping to build a better culture.

Excerpt from the book Goth by Paul Hodgkinson
page 73 - 83

Sinister Suggestions: -Constantine

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This month we talk about becoming a goth at a late age, being goth in the 80’s, what to do if your parents reject you, and we have some movie and TV news. We review the new Blutengel album and for the philosophy corner we are talking about racism in and out of the goth scene.

Email us: CemeteryConfessions@gmail.com

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Our Guest:
Our guest this month is Quincy aka DJ Venux

We redefine goth. 20:00


Becoming Goth After 30 31:00

11 Things You'll Understand as a Goth in the 80's 43:00

How to Deal with Rejection by your Parents 53:40

Quick News:
New Dark Victorian Fantasy TV Show 1:10:00
Poe Must Die
Goth Killers
We say Goodbye to Don Hill and Steve Strange

Album Review: 1:22:00

Blutengel - Omen

Philosophy Corner: 1:55:30

We talk about racism within and out of the goth culutre, we talk about white privilege, we look at the term afro goth, and we talk about ways to be conscientious of other races.
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4

Sinister Suggestion: 3:06:30

Goth: Identity, Style, and Subculture

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We are back from our hiatus with our 1 year anniversary show! For news we discuss individuality and the hipster effect, we look at the history of goth, and talk about the evolution of the word goth and gothic. We review the newest album by L'ame Immortelle, and we explore the world of the paranormal with guest Sarah Darleen!

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The Hipster Effect
The Evolution of Goth

Quick News:
Crow Remake
Sandman Updates
Beetlejuice 2 is Happening
The Gathering
We say Goodbye to Chris Sheehan

Album Review:
L'ame Immortelle - DRAHTSEILAKT

Philosophy Corner:

We talk with Sarah Darleen about her experience with paranormal investigations and wax poetic about the afterlife.

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This month's episode we talk about alternative models, vampire erotica, and historical goths. We review the new Golden Apes album, and for our philosophy corner we discuss gender norms and ideals of beauty within goth culture.

Our Guests:
Black Friday who's wonderful videos you can find on YouTube.
-Mister Owl who you can find on tumblr.

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House Candidate Writes Vampire Erotica
Alternative Model Crowned
History's Greatest Goths

Quick News:
Crimson Peak
Day Men  

Album Review:
Golden Apes - The Langsyne Litanies  

Philosophy Corner:
This month we discuss gender norms, and ideals of beauty as it realtes to weight, femininity, discrimination, etc.

book #1
book #2
book #3
site #1
site #2
site #3
site #4
site #5

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This month we are focusing on going in depth with various news articles related to the culture. We also have an album review from Angelspit, some listener feedback and other witty banter.

Our guests this month:
-Skot from
Leper who you can find on bandcamp and Grrr records.
-DJ Gomez who you can find on Angst Projekt.

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What are you drinking:
Valar Morgulis - Ommegang


Pastel Goth -
Article 1 Article 2
Goth Hypocrisy
New Cemetery Technology
OK Cupid Prejudice Experiment
Punk is Alive and Well in China

Quick News:
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Movie
The Mill at Calders End
Japanese Funeral Fesitval

Twin Peaks is Returning
A Sequel to The Labyrinth
Iggy Pop in a new Dario Argento film

Album Review:
Angelspit - The Product

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Welcome to episode 11 of Cemetery Confessions! Don't forget to check out our Patreon page to start getting some awesome rewards! Our guest this month is fashion designer Jody Krevens! You can also find her Model Mayhem page here.

On this months show we talk about leaving the scene, neo-tribes, club etiquette, goth fashion, and more!
You can contact us at: CemeteryConfessions@gmail.com

What Are You Drinking:

-Apothic Dark -Oaktoberfest
- Firestone Walker


-Leaving the Goth Label Behind

-Dating in the Goth Scene

Album Review:

Deine Lakaien - Crystal Castles

Philosophy Corner:
-Goth Fashion-

Movie Review:

-Gypsy 83

Sinister Suggestions:

-The Strain
-Type O Negative

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What are you Drinking:
-Warlock - Southern Tier


What is wrong with goth?

Health Goth

QR headstones

UK goth violence

Quick News:
R.I.P. Drew Bernstein

Graveyard book adaptation
Sandman fan film

Universal pictures has aquired the rights to Anne Rices vampire chronicles

A film about the life of Mary Shelly is in pre-production

Underworld is getting a reboot

Saw is returning this Halloween

Album Review:

SD Killwave - Prayers

Philosophy Corner:

-Dealing With Discrimination- Examples of discrimination towards goths:
Example 1
Example 2

Example 3
Example 4

Sources used for Understanding Discrimination:
Source 1

Source 2
Source 3

Sinister Suggestion:
Spider's Web Zine

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Welcome to a very special episode of Cemetery Confessions! On today's episode I interview Ashton Nyte of The Awakening, and Rose Mortem of Rose Mortem Clothing. We discuss the new album, the recent tour, why Peter Murphy is so frustrating, the state of the goth scene, advice for starting your own business, and a lot more. Also be sure to check out the new merchandise over at The Awakening's website.

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This months guest is Twigg, who runs the podcast, The Dark Light

-Listener Feedback-

What are you drinking:
-120 Minute IPA - Dogfishead
-Arctic Panzerwolf - 3 Floyds  


Ghetto Goth
The State of Goth
Cemetery Toilets
Let's Goth Fly a Kite
Dracula Untold
Movie News Miscellanea  

Album Review:

Devil-M - Revenge of the Antichrist  

Philosophy Corner:

-Demystifying Goth-  

Sinister Suggestions:

Goth Subreddit

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Welcome to Episode 8, the one about goth music! On today's show our special guest is DJ Gomez.

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What are you Drinking

Butterfly Flashmob - Solemn Oath Brewery

Beer Show


Poems in the Cemetery

Ghetto Gothic

Cemetery Wedding

Tumblr Goth

Funeral Industry News

Album Review:

Peter Murphy - Lion

Philosophy Corner

-Goth Music-


Hellraiser - Revelations

Sinsiter Suggestion


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Welcome to Episode 7 - Corporate Goth

Wave Gotik Treffin

What Are We Drinking:

Madame Rose - Goose Island
Undercover Ale - Lagunita's


Goth Guy Fashion
Coffin Therapy
News From Anne Rice
Goth and Self Harm
Is Goth Dead?

Album Review:

Vomito Negro - Black Sun

Philosophy Corner:

Corp Goth Links
What is Corp Goth

Sinister Suggestions:

Goth University
Harold and Maude

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Welcome to a special Mother's Day episode!  We talk about relationships, marriage, and child rearing, all through a goth lens.

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Email us: CemeteryConfessions@gmail.com
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Visit our Website

What Are You Drinking:

Fire and blood by Ommegang
Dark Truth Stout by Boulevard Brewing

Afro Goth
Graveyard Sim
Underworld Next Generation
A Republican Vampire

Album Review:

Diary of Dreams - Elegies in Darkness

Philosophy Corner:

Defining Goth:
Nephelim's Video Definition
Count's Definition: Goth is a state of being that embraces what the mainstream shuns, a view of life that incorporates the world of night as well as the world of day. "romance is at the heart of being a goth and consequently tragedy is always a sigh away." It's not just about death, but a refined sensitivity to life, and an ability to appreciate the shadowy elements that much of society is busy ignoring. To be goth is to be unashamed, both internally and externally, to recognize we are all bound for the grave, that no one deserves to be persecuted for being true to themselves, and to live everyday as you are, a goth.

Movie Review:

The Raven

Sinister Suggestions:

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
Dances of Vice

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Episode 4 - Sepulchre

1 630 687 1105

What are you Drinking:

Ticklefight - Solemn Oath brewery
The Carpenters Mikan Ale - Baird Brewing Company

Public Service Announcment:
Goth Glam, the New Nu Goth?

Nu goth discussion


Goth Murder

The Pope is O.G.

News from Anne Rice

Hate Crime

Enter the Matrix

Album Review:

X-in June - Choose your God

Philosophy Corner:

Movie Review:

Only Lovers Left Alive

Sinister Suggestions:

Goth Cruise
UK Underground

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Welcome to our first minisode! This time around I will be revewing Goths: A Guide to an American Subculture

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We are happy to have Sean and Jen on the show! Check out their Etsy shop Strangly Sinister

What are you drinking:

Rueuze - The Bruery
Apothic Red


Rippoff Web Shops

16 year old pressured into sending nudes on VampireFreaks

Steampunk group kicked out of mall

Goth murder

Ablum Review:

Zeitenwende - Seelennacht

Philosophy Corner:

Movie Review:

Lord of Tears

Listener Feedback

Sinsister Suggestions:

The Memory Collectors

Toxic Avenger

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Cemetery Confessions!

-Früh Kölsch - Brauerei Früh am Dom
-Take the Black Stout - Ommegang

Album Review:
Kindred - Monica Richards: http://amzn.to/1hs003Q


Kylie a goth?

Is goth a trend?

New news on The Crow reboot!

Horror Movie Review:
In a Glass Cage

Sinister Suggestions:
Nephelim Incoruptus Youtube Channel


Don't forget to send us your cemetery photos on facebook! facebook.com/CemeteryConfessions
1 (630) 687-1105

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