Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

This month we sit down with academic and musician Jose aka Hollow Kid, to talk through the history of post punk and goth rock in Mexico. From rock and roll being banned by the government all the way through to the modern day post punk revival. This episode is packed with information about Mexican goth music, identity, art and culture. We also review the new album from Cabaret Grey, talk about death, listen to new releases from this month and more!

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DIY before Punk

Class 20:40

The Media 25:25

Identity Formation 32:25

Mainstream 47:10

Genre Fluid 59:00

Mexican Darkness 1:11:00

Activism 1:17:40

Gothic 1:33:20

Modern Post Punk Revival 1:40:30

Goth Today 2:11:00

Bands from Mexico:
-El Clan
-Silueta Palida
-Las Ánimas del Cuarto Obscuro
-Decada 2
-Casino Shanghai
-Santa Sabina
-La Concepción de la Luna
-Funeral Medieval
-Vacios Cuerpos
-Cruz de Navajas
-La Bande-son Imaginaire
-Espejo Convexo
-Skeletal Bats
-La Voz de tus Ausentes
-Los Zombies de Chernobyl

-Master list of goth bands from Latin America

Album Review: 2:16:00
Cabaret Grey - Cold Calculations

Sinister Suggestions: 2:44:00
-O Quam Tristis - The Complete Works
-Iamtheshadow - Remind Me
-The Picture Tour - Before the Light, Before the Sound
-Anum Preto - Anum Preto
-Daddy’s Boy - Great News!
-Fearing - Desolate
-Caligo Mater - Gorgyra
-Gothzilla - Gothzilla
-Her Absence Fill the World - Neon Arabesque
-The Waning Moon - The Waning Moon
-The Present Moment - Enough to Drive you Mad
-Urban Heat - Have you Ever
-SRSQ - Ever Crashing

-Latine Goth
-What is Mexican Darkness
-Latinx History has always Been Linked to Spooky Culture
-Latin American Goth

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