Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

This month we talk about how to travel around the world as a goth, Satanism in Japan, the satanic panic and more with La Carmina! We also review the new album from Deathhawk.

You can pre-order La Carmina’s new book here, or read her travel blog and find her social media and more at lacarmina.com

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Japanese goth 7:20

Gothic Lolita 14:06

Style Subcultures 18:18

Travel Guide 22:40

History of Satanism 47:20

Satanism Around the World 49:30

Satanic Panic 52:35

More on Satanism 1:04:45

What Concerns and Excites you About Goth this Year 1:14:15

Album Review 1:20:00
-Deathhawk - Обострение

Sinister Suggestions 1:35:00
-Coins Paralleles - Demo
-Angel’s Arcana - Bollingen - Boleskine - Belturbet
-Har Belex - The End of Summer
-Harsh Symmetry - Mirror Twin
-13th Moon - Blood or Love
-Winter Severity Index - Disgelo
-French Police - Haunted Castles
-Sacred Skin - Earthbound
-Collide - Notes from the Universe
-The Werewolf Macabre - Werewolf Vampire
-Molly Nilsson - Extreme

-Satanism Unmasked Part 1, Part 2
-Is Satanic Panic Seeing a Comeback
-Michelle Remembers

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