Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

On this episode we are exploring the music, fashion, and drama of modern goth. We’ll be delving into anxieties around babybats, the newly popular synth/wave goth music, the divergence of fashion from the music, the relevance of transgression and a lot more about the lived experiences of the modern goth.

Our guest this month is Bianca Xunise! You can read about her journey as a black goth, read her interview with Bauhaus, and her comic about why music should be political!

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What’s Old is New Again: The Hipster Goth Revival:
-Hipster Goth 10:30
-Genre Classification and the 80’s 12:45
-Is Goth Music Still Diverse? 25:20
-Elitism vs Poseurs 31:00
-More on Music Variety 40:00
-Babybats and the Internet 48:30
-The Dichotomy of Music and Aesthetic 58:25
-80’s Goth Wasn’t Just About Music
-Music and Fashion EP 67
-Is Goth a Counter-Culture 1:05:20

Album Review: 1:21:55
The Coventry - Deep Detachment

Sinister Suggestions: 1:32:00
-Debby Friday
-Tanya Tagaq
-Is This How you See Me?
-My Pretty Vampire

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