Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

For today’s episode, we are going to give our post-mortem on the goth scene in 2018. We’ll also be discussing where we stand on the proposition of defining goth including the major contentions and schools of thought around that issue. We’ll review the new album from Ghostland  offer our sinister suggestions and more!

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Our 2018 in Goth Wrap-up

News: 16:56
The Neverending Goth Debate

Can you be goth without music? 22:01

Explaining the Definition of goth: 38:09
1. An appreciation of goth music
2. Aesthetic deviance that aligns with the sartorial idioms of goth.
3. Embracing darkness (manifest as an appreciation of the macabre, Gothic literature, finding beauty in the uncanny and abnormal, etc)
4. An active pursuit of incorporating these ideologies, material objects, and rituals into substantive, communal interaction. (lifestyle curation)

Is goth singular or multi-factoral? 52:47

How does The Gothic fit in? 57:50

Elitism in the Eternal Debate 1:11:22

My Video Series on Defining Subculture and Goth

Album Review: 1:15:03
Ghostland - Dances on Walls

Sinister Suggestions: 1:30:19
-Man in the High Castle
-The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
-The Witchwave Podcast
-Them Are Us Too
-The Silent Companions

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