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Welcome to episode 41 of Cemetery Confessions! This month we are chatting about growing up goth, the state of the scene, reviewing the new album from new today, we’ve got an interview with the guys from the We Have a Technical Podcast and we are hanging out with Angel from the Band Gild the Mourn. We also have the goth word of the month, sinister suggestions, and more!

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This months guest is Angel of Gild the Mourn and Goth Night!

State of the Club Scene 9:45

Goth Word of the Month 21:44

News: 26:10
-Elder Goths: When Growing up Doesn't Mean Abandoning your Youth Culture

Album Review: 1:29:10
Better Than Death - New Today

Interview: 1:51:13
Bruce and Alex from We Have a Technical and I Die You Die stop by to chat about the state of goth and industrial music. cultural evolution, identity construction, podcasting, wrestling, Blutengel, and more!

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