Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

This month we are reflecting on 2021 to look forward to 2022, discussing reducing animal products in our diets and reviewing the new album from The Blue Hour!

Our guest is Nnaus A. O. Feratu of Goth in the Raw

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Goth in 2022

Goth Origin Story 25:35

Getting Into Veganism 33:35

Goth in the Raw 43:35

Discussing Veganism with Others 1:03:45

Nutrition 1:33:35

Cultural Tradition 1:43:00

Album Review:
Lore - The Blue Hour

Sinister Suggestions:
-Rozz Williams in his own Words
-Only Theatre of Pain
-Jah Division
-The Expanse


-From Myspace to the Streets of Lagos
-What Would Happen if Everyone Went Vegan
-Land Use Diets
-Is a Vegan Diet Healthy
-Livestock Key Facts
-Reducing Food’s Environmental Impact
-Fake Meat

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