Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

We are chatting about why goth music is so important to the culture, if it’s the most important feature of our community and by what standards we make that determination. We also review the new album from Double Echo!

Our guest this month is Jennifer Groke! You can find their art and content on YouTube, Facebook and IG


Is music objective? 6:45
      -Gothic Music and the Inevitability of Genre

Music consumption under capitalism 18:25
      -80’s goth wasn’t just about music

“Lifestyle” is culturally constructed 28:50
      -The Homology Hypothesis

Music is not bigoted 35:05
     -Alternative chicks Sweden

Goth as a youth subculture 51:25
     -VSCO girls and eboys in sociology
     -The history of subcultural studies
     -Youth cultures and the rest of life
     -Youth studies in sociology

Album Review: 1:11:00
Double Echo - Burning in Blue

Sinister Suggestions: 1:25:00
-Then Comes Silence

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