Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

Abstract conceptual fashion and fast fashion may be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but both draw influence from the lineage of goth aesthetic. On this episode we will explore the relation and relevance of the runway and high end designer to the everyday lives of goths.

Our guest this month is Kate Mior, the owner of fashion brand Bone & Busk which you can also find on etsy. Kate also DJs in Toronto and you can check out Kate’s DJ page here.

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Ethical Shop Recommendations:
-Nuit Clothing Atelier
-Kaufen Apparel
-Missy Industry

-Gothic Lamb
-Dark Angel co

Suggestions From our Community:
-Beautiful Freak Cosmetics
-Dracula Clothing
-Holy Clothing
-Exo Umbra
-The Witches Cottage
-Studio 777
-The Arbetium
-Deadwood Studios

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