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This month we are continuing our special series of expert panels as we take deep dives into latent issues and hot topics within the community, We previously discussed whether or not goth was political and explored the deeply ingrained misogyny of industrial, and this week we are exploring the intersectionality and experiences of people of color.

Whether goth or not, in America we live in a culture built on colonization, white washing and imperialism. The stories around which our culture connects are white, our histories are littered with appropriation of indigenous practices and our present is full of tacit ignorance about the ways this continues to reinforce the pain and inequality for people of color in our communities. Oppressed groups like black women have a barrier to self actualization that privileged groups who benefit from a history of imperial patriarchy do not.

For as much lip service we give to goths being othered, discriminated against and bullied out of society, the face of our scene is still very often white.  The diversity of gender, sexual expression and transgression of power structures was implicit to the music scene in the 80’s however today, the ways in which people of color are represented and welcomed in our scene gets little of the attention among the discourse of cultural issues like commodification, defining boundaries, and music recommendations. Being as we live in a time when the stories we build our identities around in America are in flux and being discussed and debated, this seems like a gross oversight within our communities.

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Our guests this episode are Mike K Johnson, Leila Taylor, DJ Maus, and Zakkarrii. Special thanks to Kyle of The Breathing Light who had last minute technical difficulties.

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