Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast

We have a special episode for you this week, we are back with a full panel to discuss one of the most contentious topics related to goth. In a climate where it is becoming increasingly difficult to talk to those who don’t share our views, what role does goth play? Transgressive and activist counterculture, or impartial music tribe? Does denying the political roots and inclinations of goth culture lend itself to infiltration by racist and sexist ideologies?

Our panel this month consists of Abigail, Dani, Nephilim, Trae, and Zakkarri

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I’ve avoided dividing the episode into timestamped sections, as the the conversation is loosely structured, each portion of the episode continuously builds upon the previous on, and they are wide ranging in and of themselves. As always thank you for listening and supporting the show by telling your friends about us or jumping on patreon!


-Goth Homology
-Is “us vs. them” Thinking Hardwired?
-How Politics Became Our Identity
-My Time as a Death in June Fan
-Goths for Trump
-Far-Right Tendencies in the Gothic Scene
-JG Ballard
-Nephilim’s Video on Goth Politics

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