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On this episode we’re going to explore the cultural crossover between nerds and goths as well as wax poetic about some of our favorite video games, exploring how they’ve impacted our lives and how they’ve connected with our identity as a goth.

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This week our guests are Forrest and Kai Decadence!

Cultural values for Goths and a Nerds 4:10

Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines 28:47

Bloodborne 51:45

Alice: The Madness Returns 1:19:00

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Yes, that Liisa, the favorite Liisa here on Cemetery Confessions. We got a chance to sit down and hash out our differences over her 40 years of goth video series as well as talk about aging in goth culture, mainstream fashion appropriation, and whether or not emo or nu goth are actually part of the culture. 

You can find everything Liisa is up to on her website, follow her on facebook, or YouTube. 

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Welcome back to Cemetery Confessions! This month we will be talking about the state of the scene and whether or not it’s declined over the last 10 years, we’ll be chatting about modern goth  music, reviewing the new album from Cruz De Navajas, responding to some listener feedback, sinister suggestions and more!

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Our guest this month is Dez, who runs the incredible DIY record label Occult Whispers, which you can find on Big CartelBandcamp, and Facebook

The State of the Music Business 9:45

The Death of Goth:
Are Goths Being Alienated from their Own Events? 21:36

Goths in the 90's vs. Now 1:03:47
(Reference: Goth's Loss of MysteryJuvenoia)

Album Review: 1:50:15
Cruz de Navajas - Dominacion

Sinister Suggestions: 2:03:56
The Noise Beneath the Snow

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This month we are going to be diving into the sub-subculture of the Christian Goth community. Goth itself is a-theistic in that it makes no positive religious claims, one can ascribe themselves to any religious system or eschew them altogether without an impact on their goth identity; so it’s not abnormal to find goths who are catholic, protestant or any other flavor of Christian belief. That said, there exists a community of people who explicitly call themselves Christian Goths, a label which denotes often (in my experience) conservative evangelical ideals merged with a goth aesthetic. But how do Christian Goths fit into goth, and where do their values, norms, and social behaviors diverge from those of the broader goth culture? My guests and I will be discussing this, our personal experiences as Christian Goths and more on this episode!

Our guests this month are Chris from the band Syspiria and Raksha who can be found on youtube

Christian Goth Resources:
Grave Robbers Ministry
The First Church of the Living Dead
Asylum Ministries (current iteration) 
Goths for Jesus
Cruxcorvis Weekly Asylum
Tofer's Take
Ex Nihilo


Gothicon Documentary: https://youtu.be/DlidtOkc_T8
Goth Prom at The Asylum 2008: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLBhA0Fejy8
First Church of the Living Dead: https://youtu.be/W6TmQ0fuc90


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This week we are talking about materialism and capitalist ideals in goth culture, reviewing the new album from Dead Astropilots, Second Life follow up, listener feedback around differentlyabled goths, some discussion about becoming pagan and more!

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News: 2:09
-The Commercialization of Goth

Album Review: 25:46
New Control - Dead Astropilots

Listener Feedback 41:35

Sinister Suggestion: 50:29
-Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard

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This week we are going to be discussing goth music, but more interestingly those sites of liminality and ambiguity where what we’ve come to know as goth music collides and makes love to pop and indie music. What effect has that had on culture and clubs both historically and today, and what does this mean for the future of the genre?

In recent years we've seen an explosion of hard to classify acts that skirt the edge of goth culture and sound, bands such as chelsea wolfe, king dude, zola jesus, them are us too, cult of youth, Savages, Austra and so on. Do these bands mirror the sort of early 80’s melting pot of goth, synthpop, glam rock, new wave, deathrock etc, Are we just seeing Indie bands taking on a darker yolk, or are we seeing some new form of “art goth”, or perhaps an eschewing of genre classifications in general?

Our guest this month was Joshua, please check out his music project Gevatter Tod!

Further Reading:
-Gothic Music and the Inevitability of Genre
-Gothic Music: The Sounds of the Uncanny
-25 years in the Reptile House

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This week we will be discussing why baby bats feel they don’t have what it takes to be goth and how that drives them to try and change it. We will be reviewing the new album from azar swan, discussing the goth scene in Second life, reading listener feedback and more.

News: 3:00
Peter Murphy calls David Bowie a twit

Not Goth Enough
-The Goth Mindset
-So You Want to Run a Goth Event

Album Review: 35:50

Savage Exiles - Azar Swan

Second Life: State of the Union 52:48

Listener Feedback 1:00:44

Sinister Suggestions: 1:22:45
Death: A Graveside Companion
- Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice


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This month we are discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of aging in goth culture, we are reviewing the new album from Bootblacks, there will be a special guest appearance by Emz from HorrorAddicts.net,,  and we are chatting about goths on YouTube, and the ethics and responsibility that comes along with that.

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Our Guests this month are Angela Benedict and Skullgirdle!

Introductions 2:00

News: 9:38
Goth at 30 and beyond: Insight for Baby Bats

Album Review: 58:37
Bootblacks - Fragments

Interview with Emz: 1:07:45
Emz is the head spook at the HorrorAddicts.net website and podcast!
Check out her most recent vampire novel, Dusk's Warriors!

Goth Youtube: 1:40:48
In the age of the world wide web, goths have more opportunities to meet and share their thoughts than ever before. No longer do we have to create and publish our own zines, start a band, or run a goth event to express a sense of cultural identity and community. We are now able to project ourselves, our lives, and our scenes in HD video for the whole world to see and talk about. This has allowed our dark little culture to be opened up to a whole new audience of potential goths who may become seduced by the dark side and help create and participate in the culture, even if they don’t have a local scene. But does this type of access actually encourage goths to stop engaging with their local community? Is the emphasis on visual presentation having an adverse impact on the values and norms of the culture? That and more is what I’d like to explore this month.

Sinister Suggestions: 2:52:17
Necromancy Radio
Necromancy Clothing

Podcasts The Count was interviewed on this month: 2:58:51
We Have a Technical
Sex, Death, and Religion


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This month we are doing things a bit differently, and will be reviewing the book Post-Millennial Gothic: Comedy, Romance, and the Rise of Happy Gothic by Catherine Spooner. We will be discussing the impact Tim Burton, sparkly vampires, the creepy cute, Columbine, political discourse, Jillian Venters, and others have had on the cultural milieu of goth and the consumption of the Gothic in mainstream media.

Our guests this month are Natalie and Trae!

More Recommended books from this author:
Contemporary Gothic
Fashioning Gothic Bodies

Chapter 1: 7:00
-Thesis, Introduction, methodology overview
-Goth as a middle class culture of consumption

Chapter 2: 53:15
-Tim Burton and his reshaping of modern Gothic

Chapter3: 57:42
-The increased reliance of the visual in goth
-The politicization of goth through Columbine and Sophie Lancaster

Chapter 4: 1:22:44
Premise 1: In the post millennial era, vampires have sought to become the institution rather than the subversion, to become as human or amiable towards humans as possible rather than be the Other

Premise 2: Goths and vampires have shared a historically propinquitous relationship, often informing or appropriating one another

Conclusion: As vampires have grown more polite and reinforced the “happy gothic” so too have goths sought to remake their image in a similar fashion

Chapter 5: 1:37:37
-The modern goth girl and the "whimsical macabre"

Chapter 6: 1:47:05
-Camp and it's influence on goth and the assimilative monster

Chapter 7: 2:02:06
-Goth/Gothic masculinities and humerus monsters

Chapter 8: 2:19:36
-Whitby Gothic Weekend and the Gothic-carnivalesque

Conclusions 2:30:25

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